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Nothing says "a game whose quality you can trust" quite like photography on the cover.

After Petz 5, what did Ubisoft decide to do with the ground-breaking franchise of believable, unique virtual pets they now owned?

Shovelware. Lots and lots of shovelware.[1]

These games bear absolutely no resemblance to the charmingly cartoony ballz-and-linez Petz, sprite Toyz style of the PF Magic games, eschewing them for a dull and uninspired 3D style that desperately wants to be Nintendogs .

In some games, you adopt one or two animals while you play as a human avatar, and in other ones, you play as one, and you... quest and fight an evil wolf sorcerer? Before the current administration took over this wiki, it was dedicated to this newer series, and I gleaned bits and pieces of information about what goes on in these games, and it was weird, man.

Dozens of these games were made, including such intriguing titles as Petz Rescue Endangered Paradise , Petz Crazy Monkeyz , Petz Hamsters SuperstarsPetz Fantasy: Moonlight Magic , Petz Wild Animals TigersPetz: Catz Clan (moving into the Warriors market, I see). They were unceremoniously churned out for the Nintendo DS and 3DS, Gameboy Advance, Wii, Playstation 2, and PC from 2006 until 2014.[2] One of PF Magic's other creations, Babyz, was milked for four of its own Ubisoft games as well in a similar fashion.

Ubisoft seems to have finally allowed the tired, unrecognizable corpse of the franchise to die as post-2013, now redirects to Landfills everywhere rejoice.

The Old Wiki Edit

Prior to March 2019, this Fandom URL held a wiki dedicated to these games before being adopted by the current administration through Fandom's adoption procedure (see, we Petz people are all about adoption). It was created in 2008 and abandoned shortly afterwards, but there were a handful of pages that were pretty filled out over time by various users.

If you are looking for information on these games, all pages and files related to the non-relevant post-2006 games have been deleted (except for the page image), but as with many old Petz sites, you can view the wiki as it was on the Wayback Machine (although not all of the pages have been archived).

Adding pages related to these games to this wiki will now be considered spam and deleted on sight.

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