Oddballz is PF Magic's first follow-up to Catz, released in 1996.[1]

Rather than adopting normal dogs and cats, the player cares for outlandish fictional creatures.

Game Play Edit

Like Dogz, Catz, and Petz II, Oddballz is limited to a single Playscene: the Playpen. The player can choose from a selection of 24 different wallpapers to decorate the room. Desktop mode is also a feature.

Instead of an Adoption Center, all 13 eggs containing each Oddballz species attach to the Toy Shelf, Oddballz's version of the Supply Case.

Oddballz age and grow each day the computer is opened, similar to Petz. It takes 90 days for an Oddballz to reach its full size.[2] Their life cycles begin at Just Hatched.

Toy Shelf Edit

The case has a Flavorizer, a color dropper that can be changed on the case and then applied to Liqui-Food, Grubz, and Oddballz.

Breeds Edit

Oddballz features 13 various breeds for the player to interact with:

  • 102, a Dalmatian dog.
  • Dynaroo, a purple, green-spotted kangaroo-like creature.
  • Grinnz, an impish green quadruped.
  • Honker, a purple mole-like creature with a large nose.
  • Jester, a long-legged red and white creature with a jester hat.
  • Lips, a black and white quadruped with large red lips.
  • Modvark, an orange aardvark-like creature in black and leopard-spotted clothing.
  • Norvil, An orange and black creature with large eyes.
  • Quadrapus, a long-legged black creature with a large nose.
  • Skorch, brown lizard-like creatures.
  • Snowbo, a snowman.
  • Walret, a two-legged brown creature with eye stalks and tusks.
  • Zott, a red and spotted creature with a long, angular tail.

Toyz Edit

Main article: Oddballz Toyz.

Each Oddballz reacts to Toyz differently.[3]

Online IntegrationEdit

Some of the breeds are DLC. Got to find out which ones.

Community Edit

Oddballz never reached the heights of popularity or longevity that Petz did, but it had its own hexing scene, and some Petz sites had subsections for Oddballz.

Some still-standing Oddballz-heavy sites include:

Legacy Edit

Chi in oddballz clothes

While PF Magic never followed the game with any sequels or official additions besides some breeds, many of the animations used by Oddballz went on to be used in the Petz series, particularly for Catz.

Similar Clothes to Modvark's leopard-spotted pants, Grinnz's pink mohawk, and the glasses frames used by Jester and Modvark are available in Petz 3 and beyond.

Compatibility Edit

Oddballz Serial Numbers

A version of the game that uses DOSBox to run on modern computers with no setup can be downloaded from The Internet Archive.

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