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Starting with Petz II, the series began to make use of the Internet to connect players across the world and expand the Petz experience.[]

D pcom.gif was PF Magic's official means of communicating with their player base. They offered help, news, information official Downloadz for the games, demos, forums, and a user-submitted "Pix Gallery."

Ubisoft's Petz 5-oriented version of can still somewhat be accessed from branches off of as of spring 2019, but the Petz 5 FAQs and all downloads (Petz 4's patches 4.1 and 4.2, which unlocked the full version of the game without needing PetzA, and the Petz Player) are broken. The Home button simply redirects the user to Ubisoft's main website.

"Do not impersonate a rock star in the Petz Connection."

The Petz Connection[] featured a section called The Petz Connection where registered players could upload Petz to be adopted by other players in their Adoption Center, as well as a "matchmaking" section so players could find breeding partners for their Petz.

Players could post "Petz Classifiedz" offering or seeking Petz to adopt, advertise Showz and their own Petz websites, and offer "Petz Services" and "Misc. Petz Stuff".

Petz Player[]

The Petz Player was a feature that worked in conjunction with the Petz Publisher to allow a player to share their Pet online in a miniature playroom where other users could interact with it. It was only supported on certain browsers that I'll find out about at some point.

It ran off a .ply file. Savvy players could use it to copy the .pet file being viewed on the Player.[1]

The Petz Player plugin is no longer available for download through but can be downloaded from here.

Petz Publisher[]


The Petz Publisher is a feature built into Petz 4 that allows the player to build a rudimentary Petz site. There are several templates to choose from, and the player can show off their Petz and/or their Petz's favorite toys, advertise a pet for adoption, and integrate with the Petz Player, as well as link to other websites, Petz or not.

The Publisher merely puts together the .html page and collected images; it prompts the player to check out Geocities as a host, but does not otherwise actually connect to the Internet itself.

Publisher wizards.png

Web Fun Pack[]

The Web Fun Pack, included with Petz II, Petz 3, and Petz 4, is a collection of images for use on websites including banners, buttons, and animated .gifs. The files are all organized into folders for easy access but can also be viewed as a web page by opening any of the .htm documents in the /html folder.

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