Petz are Catz and Dogz.

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Lots of em.

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Not round.

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PetzA stats information goes here.

Energy Edit

How tired a pet is.

Fullness Edit

How hungry a pet is.

Fatness Edit

How overweight or underweight a pet is. Adding or removing clothes to a pet will change their visible fatness[1] to 50 for a brief period, but it does not change their slider.

Sickness Edit

Sickness makes petz cough and sneeze, and it lowers their By default, all Alley Cats have this value set at 100 permanently, but it can be hexed away.

Catnipped Edit

How long the effects of Catnip last.

Fleas Edit

By default, all Alley Cats have this value set at 100 permanently, but it can be hexed away.

Horniness Edit

The higher the horniness value, the more interested in mating a pet will be. Songs on the Music Box with "Love" in the file name (LoveAccordian, LovePiano, and LoveStrings) all have an effect on horniness.

Action Value
Heart Treatz +5
Music Box +10
Perfume Brings it up to 50.
Heart Spray Brings it up to 85.

Neglect Edit

A pet with maxed Neglect will run away and will need an external program such as Runaway Rescue to retrieve them. Various actions in the game will increase a pet's neglect by a small amount. Neglect can be lowered by feeding treats, petting, I'm going to have to test this.

Action Value
Spray Bottle or Watering Can +1
Ignoring a pet at the door ?
Ignoring a pet each day Petz is opened

Age Edit

Newborns start at 0 and turn into Infants at age 6. Infants turn into Puppyz and Kittenz at age 12 and adults at age 30. Left untouched, they will gain 3 age points a day.

Newborns and Infants are part of their mother's .pet file until they grow into Puppyz or Kittenz.

Interaction with Toyz Edit

Interaction with other Petz Edit

Two adult Catz or two Dogz of opposite sexes can breed with each other.

With the player Edit

References Edit

  1. Supernova: Petz Tips
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