Catz 4 and Dogz 4 are the fourth games in the Petz series, originally released in 1999. They were published and distributed by Mindscape and were the last Petz games to be developed by PF Magic.[1]

They were followed by Petz 5, released in 2002.

New Features Edit

Online Integration Edit

Downloadable Content Edit

Like Petz 3, Petz 4 offered players official PF Magic Downloadz on[2][3]

Clothes Edit

  • Bear's Winter Costume
  • Elf Costume

Toyz Edit

  • Auto Feeder
  • Dog Bed
  • Easter Basket
  • Exotic Seeds I
  • Exotic Seeds II
  • Skateboard
  • Snow Globe
  • Vacuum

Compatibility Edit

Legacy Edit

Petz 4 is arguably the most widely-used version of the game in the Petz Community for its ease of installation.

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References Edit

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