Petz II is the second installment of the Petz series, released in 1997 for Windows 95 as two separate games, Catz II and Dogz II. It was developed and published by PF Magic and distributed by Mindscape.[1]

Petz II was a major graphical overhaul for the series and introduced many core game play components such as integration of Dogz II and Catz II and being able to adopt multiple Petz. It was also the first Petz game to feature online integration.

Its successor, Petz 3, was released in 1998.

New Features Edit

Here's what you get when you buy Dogz II:

  • Adopt as many petz as you want and can care for responsibly.
  • 2 Dogz can now play together on your computer desktop!
  • You can teach your new Dogz lots of new tricks!
  • Each Dogz has its own unique look and personality! No two are alike!
  • Add new Breedz and Toyz to your collection from:!

Game Play Edit

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Serial Codes Edit

Catz II Dogz II
3113-5687-8858[2] 2111-8929-9494[2]

Breeds Edit

Each base game came with five breeds, updated versions of the ones from Catz and Dogz.

Catz Dogz
B+W Shorthair Bulldog
Calico Chihuahua
Orange Shorthair Great Dane
Persian Mutt
Siamese Scottie

Online Integration Edit

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Downloadable Content Edit

Breeds Edit

10 new breeds were released from November 1997 to August 1998.[3]

Cat Dog Release Date
Tabby Dalmatian November 1997
Maine Coon Poodle December 1997
Chinchilla Persian Labrador February 1998
Russian Blue April 1998
Sheepdog May 1998
Alley Cat June 1998
Dachshund August 1998
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Toyz Edit

12 Toyz were available to download: Auto-Rolling Ball, Beach Ball, Boomerang, Flowers (with Butterfly), Heart Candy, Music Box, Plate of Leftovers, Plush Cat, Plush Dog, Satin Pillow, Surprise Box, and Toy Car.[3][4]

The Plush Cat and Plush Dog are similar in appearance to the real-world stuffed toys produced to promote Dogz and Catz.

Other Edit

26 wallpaper .bmps, which would later become standard for the Playpen in later games, were released as online content. The Web Fun Pack was first released as a Petz II download, as well as two Petz desktop themes for Microsoft Plus.[3] Edit

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Merchandise Edit

Small bean bag toys called "Fuzzy Beanz," produced by Trendmasters, were packaged with some copies of the games. They came in two varieties, a Mutt and a Persian.

Compatibility Edit

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References Edit

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