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This is a wiki dedicated to the classic PF Magic '90s virtual pets, Dogz and Catz, and the games' online community.

On this wiki, we love and respect the letter Z.

We are still under construction and can use your help! Please take a look at our Wiki Wish List and see where you can contribute. Graphics and more coming soon!

Wiki Manifesto


The goal behind this wiki is to archive as much of the collective knowledge of the Petz Internet community — hexing information, game quirks, information about the community itself — as possible. Too much of it is scattered on defunct websites that feel like they're risking a 404 daily, or lost in a mess of forgotten forum posts, and a wiki is the perfect platform to compile it all for safekeeping.

Citing and cross-linking to external Petz sites is strongly encouraged.

A future goal is to keep a Google Drive or other sturdy file-hosting collective of important files like the downloadable version of Petz 4, hexing software, rare breed files, etc. You can never have too many backups.

Are you looking for the old Petz wiki formerly at this URL?

This wiki was adopted in March 2019 per Fandom's adoption procedure and is now focused on the original Petz series of virtual pet PC games, not Ubisoft's completely different multi-platform series of games released under the same brand name from 2006 onward. This particular Wikia/Fandom URL ( was originally launched in 2008 as a wiki for that series, but was abandoned shortly after its creation.

All pages and files related to the non-relevant post-2006 games have been deleted, but you can view the wiki as it was on the Wayback Machine for now.

Adding pages related to those games to this wiki as it stands will be considered spam and deleted on sight.

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