We're lucky Catz don't need litterboxes.

This is the editors' scratching post page/to-do pile.

Graphics Edit

Going to make a big splash logo and some category buttons soon. Going to put toy images on the buttons, and going off the categories on the home page:

Game Play
Website Index
Hex Index

Other To-Dos Edit

  • Need to look into the Wiki Community section.
  • Need properly planned out page categories.
  • Figure out how to designate stub/"expansion needed" pages.
  • More pictures everywhere!
  • Split my breed-making hexing tutorial into smaller pages.
  • Mess with the font some. Verdana wasn't really working, but Arial feels too impersonal. May try importing some Google fonts.

Individual game pages Edit

  • Fill out Babyz and Oddballz, oy.
  • Create sections about the hexing scenes of Dogz/Catz/Petz II.
  • Make "new features" and such sections more detailed/not just copied from the back of the boxes.

Breed Pages Edit

  • Detail the Catz/Dogz sections for breedz that have been in the games that long.
  • I'd much rather we use collages than a bunch of smaller individual pictures. Images collages required [that straycatzstrut is compiling]:
    • General kitten/puppy collage showing breed behaviors and emotions.
    • General cat/dog collage, second verse, same as the first.
    • Color mutations.
    • Mixes showing traits/behavior of the page breed,

Section about software Edit

  • Latest version of PetzA (newly updated to a more recent version of Delphi)
  • Pastylabz

(I have not personally tested either of these myself. If interested in copies of any or all of those other programs, message Inauspicious Stars)

(Added all of these to the page as headings! Will flesh them out later.)

(Thank you!)

Templates to figure out Edit

Navboxes Edit

I'm trying to add Navboxes to the breeds and playscenes categories at least, but not really understanding how they work. Augh. They are:

"See also" Edit

Need to figure out how to do the smaller "see also: Linked Page" line under some subsections/paragraphs. For now, make the text a superscript (under the underlined A in the new editor) and just have it read "See also: (link)." or "Main page: (link).". Pages using this are:

Stub articles Edit

Got to find out how to designate/promote stubs.

Individual Website Pages Edit

Whew! Been a while, hasn't it?

I want to make separate pages for individual websites or community hubs, but I'm not great at determining notability nor do I know much about most forums, so any help is appreciated.

Will figure out some file system/Google Drive system in the future and host downloads that may be rare or hard to come by.

Websites I think I want to include:

  • Abnormality
  • Carolyn's Creations
  • Minibyte's Petz Archive
  • Petz Auctions? Was that the name?
  • Petz Kennel Club
  • RKC
  • Sherlock Software
  • Vickie's Petz Zoo
  • Whiskerwick

File Archiving Edit

We are setting up an repository for the wiki! First order of business is backing up all official PFM files (Downloadz, etc.) and then working on public files, including setting up a bounty page for listing missing/desired files.

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