Tools and software used in hexing and other Petz-related creating.

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MK&C's Breed File Converter Edit

PetFlux Edit

PetFlux, created by Reflet of Yabiko, is a Petz 5 to Petz 3/4 converter.

Petz 5-only features such as records and certificates will be lost, but personality, genetics, memories, etc. will remain intact. Petz who are pregnant or have newborns/infants cannot be converted.[1]

It can be downloaded from Yabiko here.

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PetzA Edit

See PetzA.

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Petz Imager Edit

Petz Imager, created by Ricky K. of TUPP, is a simple DOS program that generates a .bmp file of the Pick A Pet image from a specific .pet file.[2]

Using it involves dragging the desired .pet file onto the tool's Desktop shortcut; the .bmp file will then be generated in the directory where the .pet file is.

It can be downloaded at TUPP here.

Petz Pic Factory Edit

Petz Pic Factory is created by Nicholas Sherlock of Sherlock Software. It generates .gif files (with transparent backgrounds) of the Adoption Center images from all the .pet and .baby files that are in the same directory as it.[3]

Simply move the tool's .exe file to the directory where all the .pet and/or .baby files are, then double-click the .exe file.

Download it at Sherlock Software's website here.

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Brynn Bytes Spot Generator Edit

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Brynn Bytes Anchor Utility Edit

LNZ Pro opened in LNZ Pro.

LNZ Pro Edit

LNZ Pro is a file editor created by Nicholas Sherlock of Sherlock Software that can open and edit files from Petz, Babyz, and Oddballz. Pregnant Petz from Petz 5 cannot be edited.[4]

Features Edit

  • Different parts of the file are highlighted with different colors to make it easier to read.
  • Can check the file for errors and point out common mistakes.
  • Can regularly space out the lines to make them easier to read.
  • Converts breeds to Unibreeds that work in Petz 3, Petz 4, and Petz 5.
  • Ancestor view for .pet files shows which breeds and owners appear in its history.
  • Allows editing genetics for individual .pet files to remove problems like sleepiness or constant fleas.
  • Ability to change the sex of your Petz and neuter or un-neuter them.
  • Greatly simplifies the process of making non-overwriting breed files.

LNZ Pro can be downloaded here at Sherlock Software.

Pastylabz Edit

A companion tool for LNZ Pro that outputs sections to be copied and pasted into LNZ files. Current features include converting an image to paintballz, and creating rings of addballz and linez.

Links to documentation and downloads are available here.

Petz Workshop Edit


Tinker Edit

Tinker allows the user to view, edit, and export the individual filmstrip frames that make up most .toy files and Playscene items, as well as on-shelf graphics for clothes. It supports files from Petz II, Petz 3, Petz 4, Petz 5, Babyz, and Oddballz, and can be used to edit what Toyz appear on the the Supply Case in Petz 5.[5] It was created by Nicholas Sherlock of Sherlock Software.

Tinker can be downloaded at Sherlock Software here.

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Pet2BMP Edit

Pet2BMP was hosted on Minibyte's Archive.

Pet2PLY Edit

Pet2PLY was hosted on Minibyte's Archive.

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Non-Petz Software Edit

Before LNZ Pro, hexing was done in programs such as Resource Hacker (commonly called Reshacker), Hexplorer, and Microsoft Notepad.

References Edit

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