Active websites is a broad definition and includes all websites that have had any form of update (new downloads, litters, shows, etc.) since 2010 or so — Petz new wave, if you will.

Crew websites and hex archives are sites used to display an individual's personal pet collection and/or a gallery of their past hexies. They usually contain no downloads or adoptions.

Online websites are sites that are still wholly online and may or may not have been updated in years.

Archived websites are no longer available actively, but are preserved to some extent on The Wayback Machine. Images, links and downloads on these websites may be broken. This section also includes websites that are voluntarily archived/closed by their owners.

Lost websites are entirely gone from the Internet. Naming them is still useful (for posterity).

Active Edit

Name Owner Notes
Acid Trip Asiyd Working Petz 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and Babyz/Oddballz full game installers, Breedfiles, toyz, playscenes, working Oddballz and Catz 1 serials, hosting for official P.F. Magic files.
Alohomora Kathleen Adoptions, crew, and PKC
Amy's Petz Palace Amy Tutorials, downloads, breeds and crew
And The Rest Bambi Vision
Aussome Cath
Assorted Petz WhatTheNyaow A number of breedfiles (along with permission to edit), crew, hex archive
Autumn Down Kennels
beatnik Lu
b l e p Jill
Blue Star Jewel Petz Julie Downloads and adoptions.
Boudicca Kala
Cheetah Kennelz Cheetah (new)
Chestnut Luli
Cirrutopia Andi
Cotton Candy Archive Bre Hexing tutorial, breeds, toys and hex archive
Cottontails Kanami
Delinquent Gracie
The Doghouse J
Down the Rabbithole Rebecca Downloads and a by-email monthly lootbox
Dragonstone Ratty
Faepetz Faewolf Hosts breed files from APKC, Cheetah Kennelz, Corvus Corax, and Moonoracle.
Felidae Breanna
Filthy Hippie Celia
Fishwife Carrie
Flummery Amber
Get Lucky Pinto A raffle site
Gossipin Mkay & Amanda
Grand Theft Mandi
Green Brook Sirius
Hexpedia Midnightwolf Tutorials
Intron/Exon Kleo Genetics and Petz 3/4 breed information.
Juniper's Petz Kennelz & Cattery Jennifer Breeds, crew and hex archive
Kiralyi Alexzander
Krunchez Beff
Litterz Factory Arie
Lokabrenna Petz
Middle Night Kel
Mockingham Place Brittany
Moonflower Alena
Mythic Silence: Malevolent ECRose
NEKOmmunication Kristina Downloadz, hex and crew archive
Nightshade's Petz Shade
Nippon Petz Nawmi Downloads, hex archive
Oasis Megan
Over the Sunset Ayshajade
Petal Dust Petz GhostBunny
Petz Breed Registry
PKC Breed Hosting
The Petz Museum Pinto
Petz @ pbalik Patrycja Balik
Petz 'R Us Jess
Powerhouse Commander Has downloadable purebreds of every color.
rabbitLUCK Sketchi
Ratqueen Kennelz and Cattery Ratqueen
Reverie Jewellz Contains tools to make individual petz trotters and tricksters.
Rogue Kennelz and Ranch RogueRowan
Sardonyx Aubrey
Sexpot Lida's Hextraordinary Archive Sexpot Lida
Silversheene Silver
Static Static
Tabbloza Kennels and Cattery Kathy
That's Some Bullsheep
Vampyre Estaar
Waverly Academy Petz Pinto
Wayback Petz Serials for Dogz, Catz, Petz II and Oddballz, fixes and tutorials
Wild Abyss of Angels Lily PetzA shortcut addon available here
Yabiko Reflet Contains overviews of various Petz mechanics (behavior traits, SCP, toy adjectives), as well as handy utilities.

Crew/Hex Archive Edit

Name Owner Content type Notes
Aha! Arie Hex archive
Anystar Artie/Artemis Crew (and improved Pug breedfile download)
Arch$ved Celia Hex archive
Bask Alena Hex archive, tutorials
Bear Tash Crew
Camelot's Blue Heaven Camelot @ PDH's Resources
Cheshire Syren Crew
Chocolatesoup Cath @ Aussome
Dodie's Ink Spotz
Evanesco Kat
Hepatica Annie
House Crew Index Commander30 Crew
Let Me In Aloobah Hex archive
Lokabrenna's Petz Cattery Lokabrenna @ Lokabrenna Petz
Moonacre koolkathan Crew
Phratry April Crew
Royalty Shetland Sheepdogs Bre Crew
Shanty Megan Crew
Shizuka Chii
Shock 'N Awe April Hex archive
Starfall Banana7778/Elijah Crew and hex archive
Stray Cat Strut Rat
Upper Echelon J Crew
Vanity Nena
Venustation Amber @ Flummery Hex archive
The Wolf's Den
Xoops Megan Hex archive

Online Edit

Name Owner Notes
Carolyn's Creations Carolyn Horn Tutorials, breedfiles and a bit of everything
Catz World Jade Toys for either P2 or P3 (not sure)
Dianes Kennelz
JinxFold Cattery Julie
Leaping Frog Inc. Breedfiles, clothes and toys
Lost & Found Nova & UMZ Breedfiles
PDH's Resources Camelot
Pine Cone Cattery
Sherlock Software PetzA, LNZ Pro, Tinker, Petz Workshop, etc
Simbusta's Adoptions
Sunshine Kennelz Dogz 3 breeds page only.
Supernova Nova (Alternate location here) Some links (Hexed Breeds) seem to be dead.
Vickie's Petz
Vickie's Petz Zoo Vickie

Archived Edit

Name Owner Notes Downloads?
Abnormality Jess Yes
All Petz Kennelz and Cattery/APKC Lesley All rise for the national anthem.
Anso's Petz II Anso
Arundell Loxie
The Auto Adoption Center Firebird @MK&C
Bekki's Breeds Bekki Yes
Bible Petz Dee/Weim
Black Mist Crittery Meer Voluntarily archived.
Butterfly Fieldz ButterflyChaser Yes
Cheetah Kennelz Astara (old)
Cierra Carrie Yes
Diversity Noelle
Emerald Gate Pigz Anna
Faerie Barn Dance Yes
Finishing Touch Breeds ?
Fleabagz Sue Yes
Good Dog Kennel Kayla Yes (However Avast antivirus didn't trust the files. Proceed with appropriate caution.)
Harmony Halea Voluntarily archived. Yes
Iola's Hexed Breedz Iola
Java Breeds Brittany and Emily No
The Light Fantastic Kishi Kat Yes
Lost & Found UMZ and Nova Only one
Manen Woods Vickie
Minibyte's Petz Archive Minibyte Yes
MK&C/Magic Kennelz and Cattery Firebird
Mojo Kennelz Mojo No (?)
Pet Info Generator
The Petz Advent Calendar
Petz Deco Yes
The PetzGallery Birgit Yes
Petz Genetics Vickie
Petz Mirage Holly
Petz 3 Adoptions Kelsey
Petz Underground Tiffany Smith
The Petz Warehouse Abby Buchanan Yes
Petz World Austen
The Petz Yellow Pages
Punxz No (?)
Racecar Tash
Rose Garden Network Lindy No (?)
Sand'z Cattery Sand'z
Silver's Petz
Smoochies Leelo
SWK Archive/Silent Wolf Kennelz Tessa & Manda Voluntarily archived. Yes
Syncronize Haruka & Kenzie
Texture Library Nova? PKC accepted textures Most images are still good
Top 100 Petz Sites
TUPP / The Unofficial Petz Page Ricky K.
UMZ Kennelz + Cattery Yes
Vickie's Fun Breedz Vickie No
Vickie's Show Breedz Vickie Yes
VPZ Research Center Vickie Yes
Woodland Park Breeding Center Vickie Yes

Lost Edit

Name Owner Notes
Amnezia Petz Heather
The Breed Maker's Guild/BMG (Front page seems to be all that remains)
Brechenridge Hounds
Carpe Diem
Corvus Corax Random Wiktor (That and This link seems to be all that's left.)
Daiquiri Katrina
Devilish Kitty
Dogz 3 Pound
Flea on the Wall Kennelz Hudine
Frome Petz Bekki
Hodge xLoos
Honeydukes Joey
K9 Kennels
Lenity (broken site)
Liyu's Petz Kennel
Lollipopland Soffii
Meghanz Kennel and Breeding Center
Melancholia Kasey
Mist Saddam
Moon In A Jar (Broken site)
Nightshade Jen
Nimbus Syren
Papouse Becca
The Petz Hangoutz
Petz Town
Phiala Petz
POGO Michy
Providence Kennels
Purrfect Aristocatz (Front page seems to be all that remains)
Sedonia Springs Kennelz (Broken site)
Silver Moon Petz Cabaret
Starfire Kennelz (Broken site)
Sunhill Kennel and Viking Cattery (Front page seems to be all that remains)
Shotglass Jesi
Tau'ri Osiris
Rabid Aaryn
Ragtime Vy
Westfield Kennels

Breed Registries Edit

Name Notes
Petz Kennel Club Only viewable to registered/approved forum members.

Forums Edit

Name Activity Notes
All About Petz Inactive
Amnezia Petz Forums Inactive
APKC/BCKC Forum Inactive
Dogz Kennel Club Inactive
Duke's Group Active
GKC Forum Inactive
Lepitaur Haven Active A forum based on Vickie's original Lepitaur breedfile and lore
Petz Community Gathering/PCG Inactive
Petzmon Active For Pokemon-themed petz
Petz 'R Us Forum Inactive Run by Jess
Petz Sports Club Active (?)
The RKC Petz Forum Active
Sara's Petz Forum Inactive
Seeing Starz (a Petz Horse Forum) Active For equine-themed petz
Showing Insanity Inactive
Whiskerwick Active
The Wild Side Inactive For wild-themed petz

Auction Edit

Name Notes
The Flea Market
Petz Universal Game Site/PUGS

Discord Servers Edit

These link directly to the servers and will open them automatically if you have Discord active.

Name Notes
Big Petz Nerds (small but semi-active) [INVALID INVITE LINK, PLEASE UPDATE]
The Flea Market Support server for The Flea Market auction site
Petz Precursor to Petzcord (?)
The Petz Archival Collaborative Run by Asiyd of Acid Trip (Active)
Petz Black Market Run by Hanna (semi-active)
Petzcord (Possibly the most active server)
Petz Hacking & Modding Run by Reflet of Yabiko. (very active)
Petz Showing Central

Run by Amy of Duke's Group

Whiskerwick Run by Pinto of Whiskerwick (very active, you will not be permitted to join unless you have 30+ posts on the Whiskerwick forums)

Other Petz Wikis Edit

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