The short answer is "help with everything." There are only a handful of us regular contributors, so any help is appreciated!

In general Edit

  • More Petz 5 game play information, especially breeds.
  • Keep working on this wiki!! AUGH!!! Need to get back in the swing of things and keep working on breed information pages. I need to add personality and general information to most of the Breed pages, every one should be pretty good on pictures. Lots of placeholder information all over the wiki needs to be finalized, especially on things like Playscenes.

Pages that need filling out Edit

  • Showing.
  • All hexed indexes.
  • Oddballz and Babyz, plus possibly splitting them into sub-pages for breeds, toyz, etc.
  • When I sort out the categories, I'll make one for stub pages and link it here.

Pages that need better images Edit

  • Petz II: Needs better box art of a combo pack box, if possible.
  • Petz 3: Need any kind of decent scans/photos of either game's box art, front and/or back.
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